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Why Sell Gold?

Lots of people have Gold rings, jewellery and other Gold items pushed to the back of a drawer or hidden away in a forgotten cabinet. The pieces may be unfashionable, unloved or broken – so it seems they’re not worth anything. But they are! We can turn your unwanted Gold into cash, to use for the things you really enjoy: holidays, new clothes, redecorating, maybe a deposit on that new car. Or perhaps money to donate to your favourite charity. Even just a few pieces of broken Gold can earn you a surprising amount.There are so many good reasons to sell Gold. Don’t leave it laid there, instead get your old Gold to work for you ! Is it really worth doing? Definitely! Gold has always been a highly prized special metal. And in today’s uncertain economic world, its assured value makes Gold even more sought after. Check out our scrap Gold prices per gram – you could be looking at a very worthwhile return. And we make the whole process easy, quick and secure