Unfortunately not, there are so many different variables that affect the price of jewellery that we do not want to make a blind offer. We are easy to locate, and are just a quick ride away
Nothing is too small or large ! Any quantity is welcomed.
There has never been a better time to get rid of unwanted or broken Gold jewellery. Gold prices are at an all time high.
We have spent years to create and maintain relationships with top buyers . We pay the most because we keep very small percentages for ourselves while giving YOU the highest cash price! We are HONEST buyers of all jewellery!
We will take a look at your jewellery and give you a cash offer for FREE ! So you have nothing to lose, and Cash to gain!
Yes. We schedule personal appointments with one of our specialists to appraise and discuss the sale of your scrap Gold. We are open all days from 10:00AM until 8:00 PM.